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Guidance can be found in document MIS - accessed via the Green Book website and clicking on 'Information for installers'. This distribution will be different for each site. Turbulence reduces the efficiency of a turbine. Obstacles in the path of the prevailing wind are more important to avoid than obstacles in other areas of the wind rose.

Wind Energy Facts: Is Wind Power For You?

Conventional turbines need to turn into the wind to function. Gusts of wind can move a turbine yaw erratically around its axis but do little to generate power. Worse, they can seriously contribute to mechanical failure. This process results in energy loss.

Energy is lost both in this process and that of exporting the DC supply through an inverter for domestic AC use. The calculation provides a prediction of the average power output.


For a turbine with a 1. Some rating definitions are those wind speeds providing maximum output whilst others are less than maximum outputs at different wind speeds. There is no industry standard. If a manufacturer of a 1.

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By calculating the annual expected actual output from a wind turbine, it is then but a short step to be able to determine the likely percentage of household electricity consumption that the turbine will provide. Taking the above example of a 1. The payback time is depends on the initial installation cost, the price of electricity and the power output from the turbine.

13 Best Home Wind Turbines Generate Electricity at Home

It is also possible for a worker to test the electrical system on site and note any problems with the generator or hookups. A wind turbine that produces electricity from inexhaustible winds creates no pollution. By comparison, coal, oil, and natural gas produce one to two pounds of carbon dioxide an emission that contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming per kilowatt-hour produced. When wind energy is used for electrical needs, dependence on fossil fuels for this purpose is reduced. The current annual production of electricity by wind turbines 3.

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Wind turbines are not completely free of environmental drawbacks. Many people consider them to be unaesthetic, especially when huge wind farms are built near pristine wilderness areas. Bird kills have been documented, and the whirring blades do produce quite a bit of noise. Efforts to reduce these effects include selecting sites that do not coincide with wilderness areas or bird migration routes and researching ways to reduce noise.

The future can only get better for wind turbines. The potential for wind energy is largely untapped.

Raw Materials

The United States Department of Energy estimates that ten times the amount of electricity currently being produced can be achieved by By , seventy times current production is possible. If this is accomplished, wind turbines would account for 10 percent of the United States' electricity production.

Research is now being done to increase the knowledge of wind resources. This involves the testing of more and more areas for the possibility of placing wind farms where the wind is reliable and strong. Plans are in effect to increase the life span of the machine from five years to 20 to 30 years, improve the efficiency of the blades, provide better controls, develop drive trains that last longer, and allow for better surge protection and grounding.

The United States Department of Energy has recently set up a schedule to implement the latest research in order to build wind turbines with a higher efficiency rating than is now possible. The efficiency of an ideal wind turbine is That is, Turbines in actual use are about 30 percent efficient. The United States Department of Energy has also contracted with three corporations to research ways to reduce mechanical failure. This project began in the spring of and will extend to the end of the century. Wind turbines will become more prevalent in upcoming years. The largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world, U.

Windpower, plans to expand from megawatt capacity 4, machines to megawatts 8, machines by They plan to have 2, megawatts 20, machines by the year Other wind turbine manufacturers also plan to increase the numbers produced. International committees composed of several industrialized nations have formed to discuss the potential of wind turbines. Efforts are also being made to provide developing countries with small wind turbines similar to those Marcellus Jacobs built in the s.

Denmark, which already produces 70 percent to 80 percent of Europe's wind power, is developing plans to expand manufacture of wind turbines. The turn of the century should see wind turbines that are properly placed, efficient, durable, and numerous. National Academy Press, Eggleston, David M. Wind Turbine Engineering Design.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, Hunt, Daniel V. Wind Energy. Domus Books, Park, Jack. The Wind Power Book.

Wind Turbine Design

Cheshire Books, Putnam, Palmer Cosslett. Power from the Wind. Van Nostrand Company, Frank, Deborah. Mohs, Mayo. June, , pp. Moretti, Peter M. Price, Marshall. July-August, , p. Stefanides, E. March 3, , p. Vogel, Shawna. May, , pp. Toggle navigation. The nacelle is a strong, hollow shell that contains the inner workings of the wind turbine, such as the main drive shaft and the gearbox.

The utility box for each wind turbine and the electrical communication system for the wind farm is installed simultaneously with the placement of the nacelle and blades. Cables run from the nacelle to the utility box and from the utility box to the remote control center. Periodicals Frank, Deborah.

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