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The delimitation process divided Yemen into two distinctive parts: the northern Yemen was essentially under Turkish administration and the southern region mainly in the British sphere of influence. After numerous border disputes, the delimitation was completed in but it did not stop the Protectorate expanding further its sphere of influence. A few more states joined the Protectorate after the World War I.

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The Aden administration and the Protectorate affairs were initially under the supervision of the Bombay Legislative Assembly. The multi-layered administration caused considerable confusion and it was finally decided in that Aden was to report to the India Office and the Protectorate came under the responsibility of the Colonial Office. On 1 April Aden was officially separated from the control of the Government of India and became a Crown Colony and was made responsible to the Colonial Office.

The Imam of Yemen repeated his claims of Aden and its Protectorate against the British expansionists. The Anglo-Yemini conference took place in and concluded the Modus vivendi agreement and diplomatic exchange was established between Britain and Yemen. In the Federation of Arab Amirates of the South was inaugurated as an autonomous entity subject to British advice and guaranteed by a British defence treaty.

The Federation initially included the states in the Western Protectorate and some years later, some states in the Eastern Protectorate also joined.

Farewell to Aden

On 27 November Aden also became part of the Federation. In the s and 60s Aden experienced continuous industrial strikes and nationalist movement.

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In Yemen, a revolution broke out after the death of the Imam and the civil war began between the pro-British groups and their various opponents. Under the pressure from both the nationalist activists and the trade unions, the British Government finally decided to leave the Colony, which it had ruled for nearly years. The last troops left Aden on 29 November of that year and Aden was handed over unconditionally to the National Liberation Front. For a list of Governors, Residents etc, see Notes. Have you found an error with this catalogue description?

The campaign was marked by a series of bombings, shootings and grenade attacks on members of the civil administration, military personnel and civilians. British retribution for attacks on soldiers or their families was swift, harsh and often indiscriminate. Whole communities were suspected.

Adding to the complexity of policing Aden, the British were also faced with street fighting between the two principal nationalist groups.

By the time of British withdrawal many South Arabian soldiers and policemen were openly aiding the insurgents. In the town of Crater British forces came under widespread and repeated attacks quickly losing operational control of the area.

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This resulted in a humiliating decision to withdrawal from the area. During the day a total of 22 British soldiers had been killed and 31 wounded. By June , British forces had withdrawn from the outer parts of the country, with the NLF assuming control as they did so.

Aden to Afghanistan

By August the NLF were in charge in 12 states. Yet attacks on British forces by the NLF continued, forcing the quickening of the evacuation. With civilian government gone a massive task force assembled in the Gulf of Aden in preparation for the withdrawal of the last military units. Regimental Band. Social Networking.

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Regimental Association. Regimental Chapel. Benevolent Charity. Castle Magazine.

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